Dear Readers: A Letter from Sarah Peed


From the Overly Cluttered Desk of Del Rey Editor Sarah Peed


Dear Readers,

Occasionally, we here at Team Del Rey like to pull back the curtain on our day-to-day jobs. We usually call these posts “Cubicle at the End of the Universe.” However, we’ve admittedly fallen behind on dishing out the details in these semi-regular articles. We’re sorry about that.

To make up for it, I’m going to take you on a virtual tour through our nerd memorabilia-filled offices. Hold fast, my dear readers, for there be tons of pictures ahead!

Stop 1: Vinspiration Board

Every Monday morning we post a new Weekly Vinspiration in order to get Team Del Rey psyched for the coming week. It’s the first thing we see coming into the office, and is therefore a fitting beginning for our journey!

The true origins of the hallowed Weekly Vinspirations are shrouded in mystery. Or Keith started posting them as a joke that never ended. Shrouded in mystery sounds better, though. Let’s go with that.

Stop 2: Meeting Nook

We have a small nook by the Publisher’s office where we often hold meetings. My plan to turn it into a pillow fort didn’t pan out—fire hazard, shmire schmazard—so we used other means of decoration to make the space our own.

Where’s the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch when you need it?

Yes, we have a cave troll.

Stop 3: Logan’s Desk

Logan is our Publishing Assistant, and her desk is a treasure trove of the fantastic: from Doctor Who to Zelda, you can find it here!

LB desk3
Hello Doctor.

LB desk
Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You haven’t changed your calendar page. Prepare to die!

LB desk2
Logan writes our
Lord of the Rings Re-Reads, which means she has ALL THE TOLKIEN BOOKS!

Stop 4: Keith’s Desk

When I asked our Associate Publisher Keith if I could take a picture of geeky things around his office, he didn’t hesitate to set up an artistic nerdscape. This is the stunning result.

KC desk
Darth Vader after a hard day on the Death Star.

Stop 5: Anne’s Desk

Executive Editor Anne is George R. R. Martin’s editor, so there is a literal ton of A Song of Ice and Fire memorabilia floating around her office. However, this tiny scene set up on her bookshelf caught my eye.

AG desk
I think Shakespeare might be too tall to duck this soon-to-be devastating blow.

Stop 6: Tricia’s Desk

If you’re ever confused about which imprint Tricia is the Editorial Director for, just take a gander at this.

TN desk
“Dragons, magic, and spaceships.” – Tricia, on what we’re all about.

Stop 7: Sarah’s Desk

And now we’ve reached my overly cluttered desk. So as not to horrify you with the overabundance of books and papers, I’ve confined some of my most treasured nerd items to one corner.

SP desk
My tough days at the office do usually end up that way, surprisingly. Only instead of a dragon, it’s a manuscript, and instead of a sword and axe, it’s a pencil and eraser. So…exactly the same.

Stop 8: Mike’s Desk

Associate Editor Mike has an eclectic array of collectibles lining his cubicle. Here are just a select few, because my camera didn’t have the ability to capture all of the awesome.

MB desk
Mike sets up his Portal turret every night before he leaves. It’s a pretty legit security system.

Stop 9: Erich’s Desk

Senior Production Manager Erich is one of our resident Star Wars experts, and he has the desk to prove it!

ES desk
I once saw Erich use the Force to move a stack of Star Wars books. True story.

Stop 10: Mikita’s Desk

If you want to talk video games, you go to Mikita. As the VP of IP Development at Random House Worlds, this guy knows more about gaming and worldbuilding than most folks, and the posters in his office reflect that. This poster is my personal favorite, because it’s placed perfectly.

ML desk
Mikita didn’t even buy this poster. It snuck in one day and hid behind the bookshelf before anyone noticed it was there.

Stop 11: April’s Desk

The last stop on our tour is April’s office. She’s our Digital Strategy Manager, but she’s also our Resident Geek Decorator (unofficial title). She started the trend of silhouettes on the office glass, she’s got tons of cool geek memorabilia, and she even once made a Jabba pillow with Erich for Team Del Rey.

AF desk3
The first office silhouette, reaching out from the depths.

AF desk2
Wonder Woman (center) with her invisible jet (somewhere).

That’s the end of our whirlwind tour! I hope you had fun, and that you’ve gained a bit more insight into the wonderful world of Del Rey. If you want to stay up-to-date on what we’re doing at the office, and more importantly what books we’re currently working on, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Happy Reading,

Sarah Peed
Associate Editor
Del Rey Books