Episode VII Rumor: Sith Homeworld Korriban to Feature in Plot?


Korriban_ValleyI wouldn’t bet my lightsaber on this kind of third-hand news, but a blogger at Yahoo UK reports that a Star Wars: Episode VII “insider” hints that a planet that could be Korriban, the homeworld of the Sith species and sacred ground to the Sith Order, may feature in the story. That’s a lot of could-be, maybe, might-be, he-said, she-said, overheard kind of speculation, but if true, it could be extremely interesting.

Via Yahoo:

According to our good friends over at Jedi News, their source Jedi Master SQL has been at it again… this time, answering their questions about ‘Star Wars VII’. And there’s one thing that remains on everyone’s minds – what can he tell us about the plot of ‘Episode VII’?

“Very little,” he explained. “But one small hint: ‘Star Wars The Old Republic’ has added a planet that has long been mentioned but never seen on film…”

Of course, this is just a rumour until confirmed by Disney or Lucasfilm… and it’s not exactly clear as to which planet he might be talking about. But if you ask me, the Sith home world of Korriban is a likely contender.

It’s long been mentioned in the Expanded Universe and has been visited by numerous powerful Sith (as well as Jedi). But perhaps most importantly, it seems to fit the geography of a recently rumoured filming location – New Mexico.