J.J. Abrams Fondly Remembers When Star Wars Universe Wasn’t So Well Known


J.J. Abrams was recently interviewed by Times of London about the new Star Wars movie. The director said that he remembers fondly the time when the Star Wars universe wasn’t as well known:

“If you watch the first movie, you don’t actually know exactly what the Empire is trying to do,” Abrams tells the U.K. paper. “They’re going to rule by fear – but you don’t know what their end game is. You don’t know what Leia is princess of. You don’t yet understand who Jabba the Hutt is, even though there is a reference to him. You don’t know that Vader is Luke’s father, Leia is his sister – but the possibility is all there. The beauty of that movie was that it was an unfamiliar world, and yet you wanted to see it expand and to see where it went.”

Do you think that this implies anything about his perspective on the Expanded Universe? Will you be disappointed if he doesn’t stay faithful to books like Heir to the Empire?