Jason Flemyng in Episode VII?


Jason-Flemyngs-Instagram--010Here’s more grist for the rumor mill: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels star Jason Flemyng posted what appears to be an Episode VII script to his Instagram account. There’s no confirmation either way, but it should be noted that the picture has since been removed…

Via the Guardian:

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels star Jason Flemyng has become the latest British actor to confirm an audition for the new Star Wars film after posting a snap of what appears to be his copy of the script on Instagram.

The famously loose-lipped Londoner accompanied the photograph, since removed, with the words: “Pint of Stella and Star Wars script! That’s me sorted till 5!”

Flemyng, 47, was believed to have been in line for a role in Star Wars: Episode VII during a period when his regular collaborator Matthew Vaughn was being considered for the director’s seat. Star Trek‘s JJ Abrams was eventually handed the high-profile job of reviving the classic space opera, but Flemyng looks like he’s still in the running for a part. Or at least probably was, until someone at Disney saw how swiftly the Instagram post had spread across the blogosphere.