Steampunk Tunes with Liesel Schwarz, Author, ‘A Conspiracy of Alchemists’


One of my favorite things to ask writers is what music – if any – they listen to when they’re writing. I’ve gotten all kinds of answers. You’d think that a lot of them would prefer silence, but the fact is that there are more than a few who not only enjoy some music while they’re working their creative magic, but go so far as to write their own soundtrack for their novels. Liesel Schwarz is one of those writers.

The author of the steampunk adventure A Conspiracy of Alchemists recently wrote a piece on her blog detailing her “Top Steampunk Tunes”. It’s a great collection representing the diverse music one can find under the “steampunk” subgenre, and can serve well as a soundtrack for her novel. Here’s one of the pieces. Check the rest out here!

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