Boom! Studios Joins Peers in Offering Comics Archive Digitally on Comixology


Starting last week and continuing through December, Boom! Studios will add their entire back catalog of comics to Comixology. Available immediately are Boom’s graphic novels and collected editions of current catalog works, such as Bravest Warriors, Hellraiser, Incorruptible, and Supurbia, as well as film tie-ins 28 Days Later and Adventure Time. As of this writing, other series newly online include the likes of Drums and Farscape: Scorpions.

The total list of initial titles is fourteen series, a good number for any publisher. But when the backlist is complete, there will be hundreds of books over dozens of series. Boom founder Ross Richie mentioned in a press release distributed by Comixology that the two companies will be having a number of co-promotions that make use of the platform, in celebration of the company’s expanded digital presence.

Boom joins a number of other publishers small and large in making partnerships with Comixology since the summer. Comix announced a spate of new companies that would sell digital comics at New York Comic Con in October, and they havne’t slowed since. Avatar Press and Viz Media were among them, though perhaps the largest announcement to come out the convention was Comixology’s partnership with DC Comics. In a deal similar to Boom! Studios’, it was announced that DC Entertainment and Vertigo’s entire lineup of graphic novel trades and collected edition books would be available for download as of October 8th, 2013. This included legendary titles Sandman, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and the now-infamous New 52. Presumably, the new Sandman comics will be available as they debut, as well.

Comixology is a cloud-based digital comics-reading platform, which allows comics of all kinds and sizes to be available on smart phones (iPhone and Android), e-readers (iPad, Kindle Fire, and Windows 8), and internet browsers. They have a proprietary “Native View” system, which chops up comic pages into legible sections based on the device’s size. A team of staff with backgrounds in film and illustration decide by hand how to segment each page and cell, which gives the comic more life while reading digitally. This service accounts, in part, for the delay time in uploading comic companies’ back catalogs. Boom, DC, and Avatar will get the Native View treatment.

Comixology also has an international reach, with comics available in the UK, Ireland, and several nations in mainland Europe. It also has a large presence in France, and Boom’s comics will be available to the French market; one of them available in the US is already in French, Elric: L’équilibre perdu. Interestingly, Viz’s new presence on Comixology was also for the European market, and it alone: the deal was specifically with Viz Media Europe. (Viz handles its own digital downloads in the US, from its website.)

On October 9th, 2013, it was announced that Viz’s partnership with Kazé, a french-language manga subsidiary of Viz Media, would partner with Comixology to release French-language manga titles digitally, to various French-speaking countries in Europe, such as Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Monaco, and of course, France. Titles include books by Viz Media parent companies Shueisha and Shogakukan, as well as Hakusensha, Kadokawa Shoten, Gentosha, Akita Sho-ten, Square Enix and Ichijinsha. They comics would be available in original right-to-left format, and will not, for now, have Native View.

Recently, Archaia was purchased by Boom, so what of their titles? There’s no mention in the deal of Archaia’s backlist being available on Comixology just yet. However, Comix’s list of over 40,000 titles, publishers, and indie creators is ever-growing, so check back again here soon to see if your newest loves and old flames are ready to be yours again.