‘Episode VII’ Only the Beginning: Studio Promises New ‘Star Wars’ Movie Every Year After 2015


starwarslogoLet the speculation continue! Word is that the script for Star Wars: Episode VII won’t be completed until sometime next month. That’s the latest from Disney studio chairman Alan Horn, who also hints that the film’s budget hasn’t been set but could be around $200 million. The studio is betting that the next movie will be the start of what sounds like a ton of Star Wars films – One a year starting in 2015.

There’s also word coming from The Mouse that we’ll be seeing some more Indiana Jones films, but what this might mean for original Indy actor Harrison Ford (or would-be heir, Shia LaBeouf’s ill-received Mutt Williams) is up for speculation. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull wasn’t exactly the most popular installment in the series. Could we be looking at a reboot? Really, do we need a new Indy film?