‘Game of Thrones’ Game Coming From Makers of ‘Walking Dead’ Game


Telltale Games, the creators of a well-received episodic interactive story game based on “The Walking Dead” is moving forward on a deal to produce a new game based on “A Game of Thrones”. The agreement with HBO will see the studio producing multiple titles based on the bestselling books over the course of several years. It is unclear at present just how much material they’ll draw from outside the TV series, but with the HBO series roughly covering a book a season then there really won’t be too much difference, broadly speaking.

The studio will continue working on other projects, including a second season of “The Walking Dead”, more episodes of A Wolf Among Us, and the just-announced “Tales from the Borderlands” series based on Gearbox’s Borderland video games.
(Pictured: A Song of Ice and Fire Five Volume Set. Click here to learn more.)