Gifts For The Geek | Day 13: The Bounty Hunter Code


Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 2.40.15 PMAsk almost any Star Wars fan who their favorite characters are and Boba Fett is likely to be one of them. It’s hard to explain Boba’s rise to a fan favorite, especially considering how little screen time he had in the original trilogy. Maybe it’s the cool helmet and armor, or perhaps it’s the gadgets. Boba’s gear makes him the James Bond of the Star Wars universe: No matter what the situation is, he probably has something to deal with it. Mini flamethrowers, rockets, fibercord whips and a jet pack are just a few of the items the infamous bounty hunter brings to a fight. That’s not to even mention his custom Mandalorian armor and computer augmented helmet. Even the sarlacc pit couldn’t keep Boba out of the game for long.

Boba Fett is also a good example of a highly competent, professional bad guy. Boba may have you in his sights and will be willing to do anything at all to take you down, but you can be sure that it’s almost never personal: It’s just a job. Even a gambler and borderline criminal like Han Solo isn’t anything more than a paycheck to Fett, and that’s a paycheck he’s willing to accept from the highest bidder. Fett gets the job done. He’s also not emotionally conflicted like Vader, a slave to his appetites like Jabba or a rank and file screw-up like the average stormtrooper. In short, Boba is bad news, and that’s probably why we like him.

Earlier his year, publishers 47 North and LucasFilms released The Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett, an interactive collection of files and other ephemera from Boba’s personal stash. Inside the super cool electronically locked box (unlockable with the data key included!) Fett fans will find a copy of The Bounty Hunter Guild Handbook, a complete guide to practicing the trade in the Star Wars universe, plus a booklet about the Mandalorian splinter group known as the Death Watch. The booklet features details on various weapons and special gear and provides a unique look into the beliefs and identity of the organization. That’s not it, either: There’s also a copy of Making A Killing, a memoir by the famous bounty hunter Cradossk, and a handful of personal documents including an Imperial “Wanted” poster for Han Solo.

The Bounty Hunter Code scores high marks for both production values and content, and would be a sure-fire gift for any Star Wars fan.