Gifts for the Geek | Day 16: Steelheart & Mitosis by Brandon Sanderson


sanderson-steelheartThe book makes a perfect gift.

I’ve highlighted a few already this season during Gifts for the Geek. I will feature another one and a new e-novella too!

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson published a few months ago to great reviews. It is his foray into YA, where some of the best stories are being told right now. Steelheart is one such story. It is the story of David, who watches his father murdered by a super villain of great power, one considered to be invincible. But David saw Steelheart bleed—and he wants revenge.

Steelheart is the first book in The Reckoners, a series that follows David and others like him who fight the super villains who threaten civilization. Brandon is currently working on Firefight, the second book, which will publish in 2014!

But in the meantime, he has just recently released a $1.99 e-novella set in the same world! It is titled Mitosis.

Here is more about it:

sanderson-mitosisFrom New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson’s action-packed novel Steelheart comes Mitosis, a short story set in the world of The Reckoners series, exclusively available in the digital format. Epics still plague Newcago, but David and the Reckoners have vowed to fight back. Catch all the action before, Firefight, the exciting sequel to Steelheart, hits shelves in fall 2014.

Fantasy fans marvel at the creativity and speed in which Brandon writes. It is something special, for sure. From wrapping up the Wheel of Time series to writing his own epic fantasy, Way of Kings, to tackling the steampunk of Alloy of Law, Brandon brings his A+ game every time out.

And like those other books, Steelheart and Mitosis make the perfect gift for any fantasy fan on your geek list!

More Gifts for the Geek tomorrow!

Stay tuned!