Gifts for the Geek | Day 19: Michael Whelan Art


whelan-dragonmintWhat geek doesn’t like sci-fi/fantasy artwork?

I know I do. I currently own two signed Michael Whelan giclees, the art based on Stephen King’s Dark Tower saga. I also own the original full-size Donato sketch that led to the cover of The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss and an angel sketch done by Todd Lockwood.

When writers come over to visit, they usually take a look at all four. It’s only then that they start looking over the books on my shelves to judge me and my literary tastes.

Every holiday season, I love taking a look around for new art. And oddly enough, I received an email from artist Michael Whelan’s website this morning about just that!

In it, he featured some new reproductions as well as some new original pieces that are for sale on his website at The work he does is beautiful and, given his award-winning career, owning and hanging a piece or two of his artwork on a wall will assuredly drive fellow geeks mad with jealousy.

On his website, Michael Whelan offers:

  • Reproductions – signed editions, limited editions, and posters
  • Original Art – sketches and concepts
  • Books – art books and some rare author books

Gifts for the Geek is highlighting Michael Whelan’s work because that work might be the perfect gift for the geek in your life! Whether it is Pern dragons—you can view his love for those novels in his new tribute to Anne McCaffrey HERE— or something from his own personal set of visions, he has something for everyone at his website HERE.

Hope you find something for that special geek in your life!

More tomorrow!