Gifts for the Geek | Day 5: Patrick Rothfuss Worldbuilders Books


It is the season to help others that are less fortunate.

Yes, we love to buy gifts for friends, family, and other loved ones, but it is just as important to be wise with our money and, if we can, help others in the process.

That’s why today’s Gifts for the Geek is devoted to Worldbuilders, the Patrick Rothfuss charity that helps poverty-stricken people in poverty-stricken countries. Worldbuilders donates its money to Heifer International, a global nonprofit with the goal of ending poverty and hunger in a sustainable fashion.

I am fully supporting Worldbuilders this year with The Signed Page, my signed book business. Here are the books:

rothfuss-deepbelow speakman-darkthorn

The Adventures of the Princess & Mr. Whiffle: The Deep of Dark Below is a new not-for-childrens childrens book by Patrick Rothfuss and artist Nate Taylor. Subterranean Press has published several editions of The Dark of Deep Below. A lettered edition. A limited edition. And a trade edition. You can see information all of the editions HERE.

The Signed Page will be selling the trade edition, double-signed by Patrick Rothfuss and Nate Taylor, with $10 of every sold copy going to Worldbuilders. Nate has also offered to remarque copies of the book, with all monies going to the charity as well. You can see that opportunity HERE! If you love rare editions or know someone who does, the money raised for this book sale will go to Worldbuilders.

And that’s not all. I’ve decided to throw my own book in there. The Dark Thorn is offered on The Signed Page too. $10 of every sale will also go to Worldbuilders. So if you are interested in an urban fantasy that mixes the Word/Void series by Terry Brooks and the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, this might also make a great gift.

No matter what, it is important to remember others during this holiday season! We geeks have great power these days. Let’s use it accordingly and with responsibility!

To see other ways to support Worldbuilders, click HERE!

More tomorrow!