Gifts for the Geek | Day 7: Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual


I’d love to own my own Death Star, if for no reason than to use our solar system’s asteroid belt as my own personal shooting gallery. I’m guessing that the Death Star’s planet-killing laser would make short work of a few measly space rocks. There’s also the undeniable fact that the Death Star would be an awesome party pad, although I think I’d have to do something about all of those catwalks. None of them seem to have rails, and I wouldn’t want a bunch of guests drunk on Juri Juice falling down one of those uncomfortably common reactor cores.

Chances are that I won’t ever own my own Death Star, but I can get a feel of how it might be like to have my run of the place with theĀ  Star Wars: Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual. Chock full of blueprints, tech specs and trivia, this is the definitive guide to one of the galaxy’s most fearsome (and flawed!) weapons systems. What I like about the book is that it’s not dry reading, either. The Death Star is a fascinating piece of technology, and Ryder Windham’s text makes this technical manual a book that you’ll want to turn to again and again.

If you’ve got a Star Wars geek on your list this Christmas, then The Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual is a great gift idea. Chances are that he or she won’t have a copy already, and what a great way to explore one of Saga’s most iconic locations?