Parents And Baby Depict Scenes From ‘Star Wars’ And Other Films With Cardboard


babystarwars1_610x408This would have been an awesome idea for a Christmas card, wouldn’t it? I love this geeky family’s charming DIY depictions of scenes from some of my (and possibly yours) favorite films: Star Wars, Jaws, Alien and many others! Check out all of the photos here.


When your home is overrun with cardboard boxes thanks to a move, you can store them in the basement, recycle them, or better yet, transform them into your own magical world full of dinosaurs, aliens, sharks, and Jedi.

That’s exactly what Lilly and Leon Mackie did to entertain themselves and their newborn son, Orson. Rather than get rid of all their boxes, they built movie sets and props out of them, and other household items, to re-create scenes from their favorite films — with themselves as the stars.