Enter Contest to Win Trip to Skywalker Ranch, You Must. Benefit Make A Wish, It Will.


Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 5.29.43 PMI want to win this thing so bad that I almost don’t want to tell you about it, but darn it, I’ve got a soft spot for kids.

Charity fundraising organization Omaze is offering the chance to win a once in a lifetime Star Wars experience: A personal tour of Skywalker Ranch followed by a meeting with George Lucas himself. It gets even better: From there, you’ll fly out to Los Angeles to hang out with Mark Hamill at Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist Studios. All airfare and lodging is included for you and a guest!

I’m not saying that you should take a total stranger with you to Skywalker Ranch if you win, but… um… if you want to take a stranger then why not your friendly neighborhood unboundworlds.com writer? And no, I don’t mean Shawn Speakman. (Sorry, Shawn!)

Anyway, presuming the Force is With You and you manage to win this amazing contest you may hope to learn something about Episode VII. Well, I wouldn’t hold my breath, but here’s some of the other stuff you may learn, courtesy of Omaze:

What You’ll Learn: What it’s like to set foot in the incredibly exclusive, over 4,000 acre fantasy world and workplace of Star Wars’ mastermind, the secret to perfecting your Chewie impression, and why a battleship the size of a planet had a completely unprotected thermal exhaust port.

I have to admit that I’ve often wondered about that thermal exhaust port thing. Between that and the entirely unexpected trash compactor monster I’d say that there were more than a few Imperial contractors called onto the carpet in the days after the Battle of Yavin. (“Apology accepted…”)

All you’ve got to do to earn a chance to win is kick in a few bucks. How many? As little as $10 gets you a ticket to enter into this e-raffle. The more tickets you buy, the greater your chance of winning. Not only that, but you can also qualify for some nifty “thank you” prizes like t-shirts and a lightsaber autographed by Mark Hamill!

Funds raised in the contest will go to the Make A Wish foundation, so even if you don’t win the experience you can be proud that you helped a sick boy or girl have a magical experience of their own.

Click here to learn more about the contest and enter to win.

Unbound Worlds.com and Penguin Random House are not sponsors of this contest and information here is presented solely for your entertainment.