Glittering Images in Star Wars Insider #147


In her book Glittering Images: A Journey Through Art from Egypt to Star Wars, Camille Paglia declared George Lucas the “greatest living artist.” She uses the artistry and drama of the duel on Mustafar in Revenge of the Sith to make her point. Issue #147 of Star Wars Insider celebrates the Prequel Trilogy. It seemed fitting to ask Paglia more about her thoughts on the legacy of Star Wars and Episode III particularly. On Revenge of the Sith she says:

Revenge of the Sith will remain a classic beloved by worldwide audiences long after most of today’s over-praised leading novelists, poets, and painters are forgotten.

As a cultural critic and academic, Paglia explains Lucas’ contribution to visual arts and storytelling through the lens of history. Her interviews are always dynamic and thought-provoking.


In another feature article, Star Wars VIPs and fans shared their “50 Greatest Reason To Love the Star Wars Prequels.” Fans of Star Wars books will recognize some names: authors Jason Fry, Joe Schreiber, John Jackson Miller, Timothy Zahn, Drew Karpyshyn, J.W. Rinzler, Pablo Hidalgo, Karen Miller, and Troy Denning, editor Erich Schoeneweiss, artists Joe Corroney and Chris Trevas, and Unbound Worlds contributors Eric Geller and me. From the exploration of the Star Wars myth to new ships, there were many great reasons. Enough to make me want to pop in my Episode 3 DVD.

This issue of the magazine also is packed with Expanded Universe contributors. Kevin J. Anderson talks about his adventures writing Star Wars books. As announced on the Star Wars Books Facebook page, “Hammer” continues the tradition of exclusive fiction for the Star Wars Insider. The short story with “Lovecraftian undertones” is written by Edward M. Erdelac with art from Joe Corroney and Brian Miller.

Star Wars Insider Issue #147 has been delivered to subscribers and will be available at newsstands, comic book stores, and book stores on January 21. If you haven’t picked up Issue #146 yet, it includes a short story, “The Syrox Redemption,” written by Maul: Lockdown author Joe Schreiber that ties in to the novel. Maul: Lockdown will be released next week.

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