Hugo Weaving And Michael Fassbender Attached to New Star Wars Film?


Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 2.16.10 PMThe word on the street is that Hugo Weaving and Michael Fassbender are both going to be in Star Wars: Episode VII. Okay, it’s not the word on the street, but I’ve always wanted to say that. Really, this rumor comes via Metro, and like everything else we’ve heard about the film, it’s just that: rumor. Adam Driver is also possibly associated with the film. You may know him from the HBO series Girls.

Metro says that both Weaving and Fassbender are going to star as Imperial officers, and personally, I couldn’t imagine better actors for the roles. Both have shown that they’re wholly capable of invoking the cold-bloodedness necessary to portray an Imperial officer. Even Weaving’s Elrond wasn’t the friendliest of guys, to say nothing of Agent Smith. Then there was Fassbender’s amazing but chilling turn as David, the synthetic human of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. Personally, I think that he was the best part – maybe the only good part – of that movie. I’m not very familiar with Adam Driver, but to be mentioned in the same breath as Weaving and Fassbender puts him in rare are. Presuming, of course, that this is true.

We still know nothing about Episode VII beyond rumors and insinuations, although if you believe Robert Englund then Mark Hamill is busy in the gym training to come back as Luke Skywalker. If that’s the case, then perhaps we’ll see the whole gang coming back together to face a resurgent Empire. I’d love to see that happen, personally.

Might we see at least some (blue) shades of Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire? If you recall, Weaving was one of several actors that we suggested as a good choice to portray Admiral Thrawn. Not saying that there’s any reason to believe that Heir or any other Expanded Universe book will play a part in the new movie. At least at this point.