Take Five With David J. Williams and Mark Willams, Co-Authors, ‘Transformers: Retribution’


David J. Williams and Mark Williams are the contributor for this week’s Take Five, a regular series where we ask authors and editors to share five facts about their latest books. They are the authors of Transformers: Retribution:

For decades, Transformers fans across the globe have marveled at the mighty clashes of Megatron and Optimus Prime, and speculated about their arrival on planet Earth. Now, in Transformers: Retribution, the prequel to the Transformers animated series, the epic odyssey of these two great warriors is finally revealed as Autobots and Decepticons battle one another . . . and the most diabolic foe they’ve ever encountered.

Aboard the Ark, Optimus Prime leads his Autobots through deep space, searching for the AllSpark so vital to their home planet, Cybertron. Megatron’s not far behind, and his Decepticons are itching for war. But a mysterious planet conceals an enemy far more cunning and powerful: the Quintessons. Masters of tyranny, technology, and twisted double crosses, the Quintessons are out to enslave both Autobots and Decepticons. Their deadly bag of tricks includes fiendish trials and a secret link all the way back to Cybertron, where Shockwave is wreaking havoc with supercomputer Vector Sigma. In the coming conflagration, Star Seekers, Wreckers, Alpha Trion, and Sharkticons all have their parts to play. For none can dodge the Quintesson juggernaut of evil, and none will escape the cataclysmic life-and-death battles that will catapult Autobots and Decepticons to Earth.

David J. Williams:

1. We re-watched the very best old-school Transformers cartoons in our pajamas to prepare for the novel.

2. We wanted to get as many Generation One Transformers as possible in the novel to give it that “all-star” feel

3. We love how Optimus Prime versus Megatron represents the epic clash of good and evil… but we also wanted to show how deep down they’re brothers (which makes their fights even more intense)

4. We came to appreciate that nobody does treachery quite like Starscream: he’s the ‘Iago’ of the Transformers universe.

5. We realize that people love giant robots smashing each other over the head, but we also wanted to put a premium on maintaining the characterizations that fans have come to know and love over the years (but yeah, giant lasers and huge fists play a major role)