Tomorrow: Watch Brandon Sanderson Write


photo-brandonsandersonAuthor Brandon Sanderson is taking part in Patrick Rothfuss’s Worldbuilders charity event right now.

But in a way that is completely amaze balls! And should be of interest to all fans of fantasy as well as hopeful writers!

I’ll tell you why. Many people wonder how writers work. It is different for everyone. One of the reasons I love going to conventions is to talk to other writers about the craft of writing, to see how they do it. You never know what you might learn. The craft of writing is an evolution for all writers—even authors who have written for fifty years—and discovering new ways to do things leads to fun new tools to use when at the keyboard.

The craft of writing is a personal thing though. It’s hard to get a real glimpse of how authors work. We often work in seclusion and usually can’t write with someone looking over our shoulder.

That is about to change for Brandon Sanderson. He is letting us view his craft of writing in a way that is super cool. Here is more, from his own blog:

Worldbuilders hit its goal, so we’re going to give this write-a-thon thing a try. I’ve settled on this Friday, January 17th, from 2:00 p.m. Mountain time until 7:00 p.m.

If you missed the blog post explaining this, I go into detail here. However, the short of it is this: I’m going to stream myself writing for those hours, and will take your suggestions on what to do. We’ll write a story together, and I’ll also answer questions about whatever. The streaming service we’re going to use is on the Waygate Foundation channel, since if any of you have accounts they will work there.

That’s right! People can literally sit there and watch Brandon work. You’ll see how he constructs his sentences, his paragraphs, his pages. You’ll see how he probably leaves unfinished sentences for long minutes at a time before turning to them. Bits of dialog; nouns and verbs arranged and rearranged. Words started; words edited out.

And not only that, but you can actually take part in helping Brandon shape the story! I think this will be an amazing view of a professional writing working. Want to know how Brandon cranks out so many words a day? A week? A year? This will be your chance! Click HERE to read more!

Hope to see some of you tune in for this! And don’t forget why Brandon is giving us this glimpse at his craft. It is because of Worlduilders. So be sure to visit Patrick’s page and see if there is anything there you want to buy or amount you wish to donate!

Tomorrow! See you there!