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I am currently reading Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson. You can follow my progress and future book reading HERE on Goodreads.

I’ve been reading more than usual in 2014. There is an odd reason for it—my only resolution. It’s not what you think. I have eaten in for every meal and not only have I saved money but I have more time. Before, I would go out to dinner and I tended to stay out until bedtime. Now, I am finding extra hours to relax. I work/write throughout the day, then go to hot yoga in the late afternoon, unwind, and come home to shower and make dinner, leaving me with my entire night to relax.

And that relax time has been used to read. I have finished Red Rising by Pierce Brown. Awesome book. I cannot say enough about it! And now, finally, I am reading Steelheart.

When most people think of its author, Brandon Sanderson, they think “amazing writer.” But the very next thing readers say is, “Wow, Brandon sure as all hellfire writes fast!” It’s true. He has probably published more words in the last decade than any writer in the science fiction/fantasy field.

It got me thinking. If Brandon writes that much, does he find time to read? And if so, where does he do that? Does he separate himself from his writing work, his office, and find a peaceful place to enter worlds not his own? I posed this question to him:

Where do you like to read most and why does it work for you?

“‘Like’ is such a hard word for reading these days since I have to squeeze reading space between the cracks,” Brandon replied. “My favorite place to read is actually not my favorite place to read. It’s the only place I can read these days, and that’s while I’m traveling, when I’m being driven somewhere on tour, or when I’m on a flight. These are the times I find to read. Once upon a time, the whole cozy chair by the crackling hearth was the best thing to do, but I’m not really able to do that anymore.”

That looks like a right comfy place to read! But it sounds as if Brandon doesn’t read there often these days. He’s too busy writing! At least his writing means we all will have new books to read, and if you haven’t started Steelheart, I highly recommend it!

And if you have read it, Brandon has written a novella set in the same world titled Mitosis. You can view more about it HERE. And if you would like a signed copy of Steelheart, click HERE!

Visit Brandon at his new website, www.brandonsanderson.com!

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