Kickstarter: Pairs by Patrick Rothfuss


I love card games. Pinochle. Cribbage. Hand & Foot. Poker. Hearts. When I visit friends and family, it always includes a game or three. It can’t be helped. My loved ones are just as competitive and into fun as I am.

When Patrick Rothfuss teamed with to create a deck of playing cards based on his world via Kickstarter, I jumped on board immediately.

Patrick had more up his sleeve than just the ace though. Partnering with Cheapass Games, he is doing something cool again—Pairs! You can see it on THIS Kickstarter. Pairs is a simple game built for the pub and, since I frequent pubs often, it might be fun to have a new game to add to my list!

To celebrate Pairs, Patrick allowed the first deck to be created using artwork based on his Kingkiller Chronicle Four Corners world.

So if you like Kickstarters, Patrick Rothfuss, and card games, Pairs should be the perfect combination of awesome!

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