Leonard Maltin Interviews George Lucas


Famed movie critic Leonard Maltin sat down with Star Wars creator George Lucas for a very special interview. Check part one out now!

  • Xylar77

    Recently? I’m 99% positive that these are the interviews they included on the VHS re-release of the trilogy back in 95/96. Maybe I’m wrong?

  • Rob Cavicchio

    Xylar77: I think that you’re right.

  • Matt Staggs

    You’re right – totally spaced on that one! Killed “recently.” Can’t believe that set came out so long ago. Man, am I getting old…

  • Xylar77

    I must’ve seen those interviews 1,000 times in fastforward. My first thought was that Maltin and Lucas have aged excellently since the 90s. But their set hadn’t.

  • Leonard discusses the behind the scenes stories of these interviews here… http://steelewars.com/leonardmaltin/

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