Multiple Unfettered Audiobook Contests


audiobook-unfetteredContests are always fun! Right?!

I have a rather cool piece of news for those of you who like entering any and all contests.

Several months ago, Audible purchased the rights to Unfettered, an anthology featuring short stories by the best fantasy writers in the genre. It was an effort brought to life to eliminate the medical debt I had accrued due to cancer treatment. Thankfully, that effort worked. I am debt free. And in the process of putting together a sequel anthology to help others in a similar way.

Audible released its unabridged audiobook of Unfettered two weeks ago. It is the complete book read aloud by some of the best narrators working in the industry. It has been great fun seeing the project come to fruition and even more fun seeing what readers/listeners are saying about the audiobook.

To celebrate, Audible has allowed the Unfettered contributors to promote the audiobook with a series of giveaways and contests. I left it up to the writers how they wanted to run their contests but the end result is the same—free audiobook downloads of Unfettered!

Here are links to the four contests that are currently active:

You may enter all four contests! So be sure to visit all four websites as you have multiple chances to win one of the free Audible audiobook downloads of Unfettered. Perfect for listening on your computer, iPad, iPhone, smartphone, etc.

And if you don’t want to wait, the audiobook of Unfettered can be downloaded HERE on Audible.

To see Naomi’s Audible audiobooks, click HERE! To view Terry’s Audible audiobooks, click HERE! To observe Michael’s Audible audiobooks, click HERE (including this FREE audiobook HERE of The Jester, Michael’s Unfettered contributions)!

Best of luck to all of you who are entering the contest(s)! And thank you for the support. It has been a whirlwind the last few years—being diagnosed, kicking cancer’s ass again, falling into severe medical debt, only to have all of you come to my aid.

More soon on the sequel to Unfettered and how I plan on giving back! Until then, listen to some audiobooks.

Might make your snowy commutes more bearable!