My Super-Sweet Star Wars 41st Birthday


I turned 41 years-old a little over a week ago, and you know what they say: You have to get old, but you don’t have to grow up. I’m a grown man, but I try to keep the kid inside me alive. And that kid loves Star Wars! My wife and friend know I’m a fan, and this birthday I really racked up on a bunch of cool stuff. Let me share it with you!

Star Wars: Black Series: Princess Leia (Slave Outfit):

I’ve been collecting the deluxe six-inch Black series since it launched. While I love the little 3.75″ guys, there are just way too many of them for me to collect, and they’re so tiny that I’d be afraid I’d lose them. At six inches tall, the Black series is just the right size – and affordable, to boot. My first purchase was the Sandtrooper from wave one, and at the time, I had said that I wouldn’t buy any of the other ones. Well, here I am. Princess Leia is one of the figures from Wave 2, and has been the easiest one one to find in my experience. My wife had bought me Greedo (Wave 2) and Han Solo (also Wave 2) around Christmas time, and while I had pretty much given on my finding Boba Fett (the third out of the four Wave 2 figures), my buddy Tony was kind enough to finish things up by giving me Leia. Like the rest of the line, she’s clothed in an iconic outfit – this one the Slave costume from Return of the Jedi. The only oddball thing about her is that she seems to be made on a different scale than the other figures in the line. Luke and Han, for instance, just dwarf her. Regardless, she’s well-made and nice-looking.

Star Wars: Black Series: Boba Fett:

Like I said, I had pretty much given up on finding Boba Fett. Fortunately, my wife did not. It took a while, but she found one for sale from a comic shop online. Unfortunately, she had to spend twice the retail price! Yep, Boba has become a victim of the “collector’s market.” (At least, that’s a nice word for what people do.) Anyway, it’s easy to see why people want him. I mean, for one thing, it’s Boba, right? For another, this is a well-made figure. He’s got a cloth cape and intricately detailed armor. His backpack is detachable and he comes with two guns. Truly, Boba is the jewel of the Black series, at least so far.

Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game Expansion Packs: Slave I, Millennium Falcon, Lamda Class Shuttle:

I’m absolutely mad about Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing mini game, and these are three of the largest ships that they’ve released yet. They absolutely dwarf ┬áthe regular-sized ships, and like the rest of the line, these guys are unbelievably well-detailed. I honestly don’t know how they get these things to look so great, but somehow they do. Each expansion pack comes with the ship model, plus tons of upgrade cards, tokens and new rules. All three ships bring a lot of destructive power to the tabletop – even the shuttle – and have plenty of shielding to ensure that taking them down is going to be major endeavor. Both the Falcon and Slave I come with stats for their iconic pilots (Boba and Han), but also include stats for other flyers as well, like Lando Calrissian and Kath Scarlet. The Lamda Class Shuttle comes with an assortment of Imperial pilots. All of these ships were courtesy of my wonderful wife, and while she hasn’t had a chance to play with them, Tony and I took them for a spin around the tabletop and found that they added a new layer of strategy to our gaming experience.

Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection by Stephen J. Sansweet:

My earliest Christmas memory is of opening up several presents and finding Star Wars action figures, plus the Creature Cantina play set. I’ve collected action figures off and on over the years, although now I tend to keep to the bigger ones (like the Black line). My buddy Ian bought this for me and sent it along as a surprise birthday gift, and I’ve spent hours flipping through the book and looking at the photos. It’s nice to see all of my old figures again (Hello, Death Star Droid!), but it’s even cooler to see all of the generations of action figures I’ve missed since I was a kid. It’s hard to believe just how many varieties of Darth Vader there are!

So what do you think, Unbound Worlds? Pretty nice haul, huh? Tell me about some of your favorite birthday gifts in the comment section below.