New Trailer Offers First Look at Long Anticipated ‘Odd Thomas’ Adaptation


The first trailer has been released for Odd Thomas, the Stephen Sommers-helmed movie based on the book series by horror novelist Dean Koontz.

Anton Yelchin (Star Trek’s baby-faced Pavel Checkov) stars as the titular Odd, an unassuming short order cook with the power to communicate with the dead. When a horde of  death-hungry “bodachs” arrive in Odd’s tiny town, he knows a disaster is just around the corner. Will he be able to stop it? Willem Dafoe and Addison Timlin also star in what looks like a charming little film.

Odd Thomas was originally planned for a  2013 release, but was delayed due to a behind the scenes legal scuffle between the film’s investors. As of present, the film is planned for an “early 2014” release.