Patrick Rothfuss Is Spanish… At Least Today He Is!


rothfuss-temorPatrick Rothfuss is a #1 New York Times bestselling author.

That might sound impressive and special and all but I like how his work has been translated in so many countries. He is a worldwide phenomenon, people eagerly reading and re-reading his work as they wait for the third book in the Kingkiller Chronicle. Those fans help Pat raise a lot of money for Worldbuilders, making the world a better place one dollar at a time. I love that.

Today is unusual though. The Wise Man’s Fear is publishing today! Wait… uh… what do you mean? That published in 2011.

It did. True. But it is also publishing today—in trade paperback Spanish!

Here is the summary for El temor de un hombre sabio:

“Todo hombre sabio teme tres cosas: la tormenta en el mar, la noche sin luna y la ira de un hombre amable”.

El hombre había desaparecido. El mito no. Músico, mendigo, ladrón, estudiante, mago, trotamundos, héroe y asesino, Kvothe había borrado su rastro. Y ni siquiera ahora que le han encontrado, ni siquiera ahora que las tinieblas invaden los rincones del mundo, está dispuesto a regresar. Pero su historia prosigue, la aventura continúa, y Kvothe seguirá contándola para revelar la verdad tras la leyenda.

For those of you who speak Spanish, that summary is easy to read. For those of you who do not—like me—it’s fun to see what is written. The first, bolded line there is obviously super paraphrased “men fear three things: the sea at storm, the anger of a gentle man, etc.” Love it. Makes me want to re-read The Wise Man’s Fear! Such a large, brilliant book!

One of the drawbacks to large books though are translation words. The larger the book the more words to be translated. And in the case of The Wise Man’s Fear, that is a large book with a lot of words needing a lot of translation that lead to a lot more words in Spanish.

Today, El temor de un hombre sabio by Patrick Rothfuss is published again in Spanish!

Silencio en tres partes!

PS: And check out this badass Spanish book trailer from 2011! Awe-Some!

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