The Best Ways to Say “I Love You,” Fantasy-Style


Happy Valentine’s Day, Unbound Worlds readers! If you’re planning on saying “I love you” to that special someone today, why not step it up a notch and take a lesson from some of the greatest declarations of love in fantasy movies? Here’s our shortlist—vote for your favorite and tell us why you think it’s the best in the comments.


I love you I know

There’s nothing like getting that long-awaited “I love you” right before you get frozen in carbonite—but Han Solo’s “I know” is quite possibly the most perfect retort to those three little words ever, and it’s not just because of the wonderfully deadpan delivery by Han Solo. You know he knows, and you sure as hell know he means it back.

It’s also economical. Why use three words when two will suffice? So hold on to your own “I know” for a rainy day. Bonus: It’s also fabulous on a t-shirt.


Wesley and Buttercup

There’s no question that Buttercup likes being in charge. As she bosses around the clearly besotted “Farm Boy,” he nods, says “As you wish,” and does as he’s told. This happens over and over again until Buttercup realizes that Wesley (Look at that! He has a name!) loves her and that she loves him, too. “As you wish” is another set of three little words that are a perfect swap for “I love you” if you feel like changing it up.

So the next time your loved one asks you to do the dishes, just stare at him or her longingly, say “As you wish”—and then do the damn dishes. But don’t be surprised if they’re just a little more grateful or likely to roll in the grass afterwards.

STAR TREK: THE WRATH OF KHAN (And/Or STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS if you’re feeling generous)

Kirk and Spock

The relationship between Kirk and Spock is one of the greatest friendships to ever hit both television and the silver screen. This critical scene is really one of the most bro-mantic scenes in history. A teary, emotionally battered Kirk and the logically minded Spock, dying and at his most emotionally vulnerable (albeit still restrained in a classic Vulcan way), share a Vulcan Salute through the glass, followed by Spock’s touching last words: “I have been, and always will be, your friend.” You’ll be so distraught that you’ll scream “Khaaaaaaaaan!” right along with Kirk.

Why are we focused on the shared Vulcan salute? ::Puts Logic Cap/Vulcan ears on:: Touch is another way for showing you care, and even has a few health benefits—touching someone, even for a few seconds, releases endorphins that help reduce stress and lower anxiety. Say “I love you” to someone today with a shared Vulcan Salute (or a hug will suffice just fine for those of us without pointy ears).


Lily Potter Dies

Okay, so we’re cheating a little here with a dual entry—in a movie where love and sacrifice are essentially the strongest magical powers in the wizarding world, it’s really hard to narrow things down to one example.

Lily Potter’s ultimate sacrifice—dying to protect her son, Harry—is really what set off the entire series to begin with. It gave Harry the ultimate protection that carried him through the rest of his journey through school and his battle against Voldemort.

And this is comparing apples and oranges, but if you’re talking about ultimate sacrifices, you can’t keep out…

Snape's Patronus

Snape’s undying love for Lily. Cynics might call it a little obsessive (okay, maybe really obsessive), but for the hopeless romantic, Snape’s enduring love for Lily and protecting her son are true signs of love. Sure, Snape treated Harry like something Mundungus Fletcher dragged in… but his intentions were good. On second thought, yeah… he was still kind of a jerk. But a loving jerk. Yeah… Moving on!

We’re not advocating getting yourself caught against the most evil, powerful wizard in the world to show your love, but sacrifices—even the small ones you can do every day—can mean the world to someone you love.


Carl and Ellie

It’s impossible to watch the first five minutes of up without going through a box of tissues and wondering why the world can be such a cruel, cruel place. (And if you don’t cry, you’re quite possibly an android and Skynet is coming and ohmygodRUN!)

The first five minutes of UP are meant to take your heart, fill it up with love and emotion like a helium balloon, and then watch it deflate slowly. The remaining hour and a half is meant to refill the balloon as you watch crotchety old Carl try to accomplish his last dream with Ellie, and in the process open his heart to Russell and Dug, who are searching for warmth and family. Mission accomplished: Your heart will be so full by the end that it’s ready to burst.

Trying to help someone with their dreams, or sharing a dream with someone, can be just as strong a sign of love than any phrase said out loud… Well, except when a dog says “I love you” out loud. You can’t really beat talking dogs.

Dug - Because I Love You