Time Is Running Out To Win A Chance To Visit Skywalker Ranch!


LukeSkywalkerFaceIf you’re anything at all like me (Hint: If you’re a UnboundWorlds reader then chances are you and I probably have a lot in common…) then one of your lifelong dreams has been to visitĀ  the legendary Skywalker Ranch: George Lucas’sĀ  ultimate filmmaking facility. If there’s a such thing as Holy Ground in Star Wars Fandom, then that’s it. I’ve dreamed of visiting the ranch since I was a little boy and was old enough to understand that the X-Wings and lightsabers that so thrilled me were actually created by people here on Earth.

Now, I may have my chance. Or maybe you will – but you’ve only got about 16 hours left to get that chance.

Non-profit organization Make-A-Wish has partnered with charity organizers Omaze to offer one person a very special, once in a lifetime trip to Skywalker Ranch. That lucky person (plus an even luckier guest!) will tour the Ranch, meet with Star Wars mastermind George Lucas ,and then fly out to a taping of Chris Hardwick’s show The Nerdist, where they’ll hang out with Chris and Mark Hamill. Even better? All expenses are paid. You won’t have to worry about coming up with the cash for a plane flight or your stay in a hotel. It’s all included.

This awesome experience will be given away as part of a virtual raffle, and $10 buys you a ticket to enter the raffle. That’s it! Of course, you can substantially increase your odds of winning by donating more money, and the more you chip in the bigger a break you get on ticket costs. To sweeten the deal even further, there are special thank-yous being offered depending on how much you pay. I’ve donated $50 so far, and I’ll be getting a vintage 1980’s Star Wars Intergalactic Passport for my collection, along with an e-card from Mark Hamill. Plus, I’ll have six tickets thrown into the raffle.

I may not win, but Let’s be honest here: As a Star Wars fan who grew up in the eighties, I’d probably drop $40 or $50 bucks on that passport anyway. Plus, I’m helping sick kids, so it’s kind of a win/win sort of thing, right? If I end up getting that flight to Skywalker Ranch, that’s pretty much an added bonus. Even if by writing this I get you to enter and then YOU end up winning instead of me then that’s a load of good karma.

So let’s do this thing: Let’s help some younglings, grab some Star Wars swag, and maybe – just maybe – one of us will win that trip of a lifetime.

Grab your debit or credit card and click here to enter!

Disclaimer: Penguin Random House and Unbound Worlds have no affiliation with this contest. Information provided here for your information only. Yadda yadda yadda, Meow meow meow, bark bark bark.