Two New ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Characters Introduced


Photo © Disney

Hotly anticipated Disney XD series Star Wars Rebels is set to premiere this fall, and slowly but surely, the network is ratcheting up the excitement factor with regular releases detailing characters, vehicles and more. The latest batch of info from Mouse HQ uncovers two more characters from the series: Kanan, a fugitive Jedi Knight with a bit of a cowboy edge, and Zeb, a fearsome alien soldier whose favorite hobby is laying the smackdown on Stormtroopers, or as he calls them, “bucketheads.”

Kanan is a survivor of Order 66, and he’s had to put away his lightsaber to avoid giving himself away. He’s become a bit cynical since the destruction of the order, and doesn’t strictly hew to its ancient rules. He carries a blaster and is clearly a bit of a rogue.

Zeb is a new species of alien that we’ve not seen in the Star Wars universe before. Despite his monstrous appearance and capacity for explosive violence, he’s a witty, intelligent being.

Kanan and Zeb joins youthful con artist Ezra and cranky astromech Chopper  as the crew of the spaceship Ghost.

Here are the introductory videos for Ezra and Chopper, if you haven’t seen them already.