Cage Match 2014: Round 2: Leia Organa vs Beorn: Page


The Contestants



Leia Organa: Page
The Star Wars Expanded Universe
Age: 60
Race: Human female
Weapons / Artifacts: Lightsaber, blaster, the Force, sarcasm
The dreaded Cuts Like a Knife, where she skewers your body with a lightsaber while skewering your sould with a withering retort

Beorn: Screen
J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit
Age: Unknown
Race: Skinchanger
Weapons / Artifacts: None
Transforming into a huge bear

The Breakdown


  • Jedi Knight: Her Force abilities allow her to sense danger, anticipate an opponent’s movements, wield telekinesis, and attack with lightning speed
  • Petite stature often lulls foes into a false sense of security
  • She brandishes a lightsaber with deadly accuracy
  • Her extremely light tread allows her to sneak up on her opponents. She could theoretically ambush and subdue Munchausen before he ever even heard her over the sound of his own voice
  • Her sharp, analytical mind is superior to most

  • Once again, he can transform into a bear!

  • Short temper

  • Intellect


  • Yvaine
    What do stars do? They die.

How we think the fight will go

Leia tread carefully through the forest, the soles of her soft boots not making a sound on the damp soil. It was a dark night, with little to no moonlight filtering through the trees, but the dark was not so terrible a hindrance to a Jedi. Beorn knew these woods better than she did, but she had plenty of advantages of her own. She gripped the hilt of her lightsaber, not willing to ignite it just yet. Better that the dark work in her favor, too.

A chill breeze brought the scents of wet wood and cloying flowers on the air, and Leia took a deep breath, stilling herself, centering her thoughts. She closed her eyes and reached out through the Force, hoping to sense her adversary.

There — she turned her head in the direction of the sound, the slightest ruffle of leaves. Although she couldn’t see him, she could feel Beorn watching her, knew that he was in his bear-form, hulking and predatory.

Well. If he knew where she was, there was not much purpose in the dark. She activated her lightsaber and held it up before her, the blue blade throwing off just enough light to see a few feet in front of her. It would have to be enough. “I’m ready when you are,” she said mildly.

There was no response at first; she imagined the man-beast sizing her up, calculating his next move. Then, she heard a deep growl, a rustling in the trees. She sensed him leaping at her a second before his claws caught the light of her lightsaber’s glow as they swung at her.

She leapt out of the way, executing a somersault to bring her back to her feet, and held her lightsaber aloft. “You missed,” she pointed out.

Another growl, a pause, and the bear deliberately stepped into the halo of blue light. Leia kept her face impassive as she took in the beast. He was large enough that the light could not encompass him. Intelligent dark eyes shone out of a mass of black fur. His lips pulled back to reveal sharp white teeth. She could feel and smell the rank heat of his breath.

“Not exactly an Ewok, are you,” she murmured. She bent her knees, then used the Force to jump high, leaping over Beorn’s massive black form and landing on her feet behind him. She had her lightsaber swinging before he finished turning around.

Predicted Winner: Leia Organa

NOTE: THIS MATCH ENDS ON Monday, March 24, 2014, AT 12:00 PM, EST

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