Episode Titles For HBO’s Game of Thrones Season IV


poster-gameofthronesivHBO’s Game of Thrones returns in 34 days!

“I will do what queens do. I will rule.” Season IV is almost here, lacking several of the characters in the first three seasons who were killed in the one of the darkest and most surprising television episodes in history. The Red Wedding has occurred and nothing will be the same again. This is the season I’ve been waiting for though, if for no better reason to see how the show deals with the great split that George R. R. Martin created with A Feast For Crows and A Dance With Dragons.

HBO Latino has let sip the titles for the first four episodes along with their running times. Here is that information:

  • Season 4, Episode 1: Two Swords.
    Running time: 58 minutes
  • Season 4, Episode 2: The Lion and the Rose.
    Running time: 52 minutes
  • Season 4, Episode 3: Breaker of Chains.
    Running time: 56 minutes
  • Season 4, Episode 4: Oathkeeper.
    Running time: 54 minutes

For fans of the series, you can kind of piece together what the emphasis of those episodes will be based on their titles. Can’t wait for the first two episodes, I know that!

Game of Thrones Season IV begins April 6th!

Winter is coming!