First Look Excerpt: Golden Son by Pierce Brown

Red Rising by Pierce Brown is in bookstores now.

I read it several months before its January 28, 2014 release and I knew immediately it would be a bestseller. In my opinion, it is already the breakout debut of 2014 and its sales have proved it thus far. Word of mouth is a powerful thing—almost as powerful as Darrow’s vengeance—and it has resulted in a quickly-growing fan base for Pierce Brown.

It is well-deserved. I had the opportunity to meet Pierce just two days ago. He is visiting his family in Seattle and, since I live here as well, it was time we met. He came over to sign copies of Red Rising for The Signed Page and then I took him out for lunch.

I was most pleased by one thing:

The success that Pierce has had with Red Rising couldn’t have happened to a nicer man.

He is a good looking guy with a quick wit and quicker laugh. We talked books as book fans tend to do when they get together. We talked about his publishing with Del Rey Books and how great the whole experience has been from start to finish. We talked about being at the same Random House party last year at San Diego Comic Con and how we oddly didn’t meet. We talked about his completed editorial work on Golden Son, the sequel to Red Rising. And among many other things, we also talked about George R. R. Martin and the power of killing characters in their mid character arc.

This last one I found most intriguing. Pierce had a grin from ear to ear when he applied to Golden Son how George treats his Ice & Fire characters. It made me want to read the next book all the more.

When I said that, Pierce said, “Well, here in the next few days, we are releasing the first excerpt from the next book.”

He wasn’t lying. Today, Pierce Brown and Del Rey Books sent out an email with the first excerpt from Golden Son. Here is the opening paragraph:

Tonight, I kill two thousand of humanity’s great. Yet I walk with them now, untouched by their decadence and condescension. Pliny’s arrogance raises none of my blood. Victra’s immodest dress does not disconcert me, not even when she slips her arm in mine after Tactus offers her his. She whispers in my ear how silly she is for forgetting her undergarments. I laugh like it’s a merry joke, trying to mask the coldness that’s taken over me.

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If you haven’t read Red Rising, trust me, you need to. And if you have, I hope you enjoy the newsletter excerpt from the next book!

Golden Son will publish January 2015!

Visit Pierce Brown at http://redrisingbook.com!