George R.R. Martin Talks HBO and ‘Winds of Winter’ Contingency Plans in Vanity Fair


Vanity Fair has a great interview with A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin that you’ve got to read. Martin discusses whether HBO’s A Game of Thrones makes him feel rushed to finish the next book, The Winds of Winter, and his contingency plans for just in case he’s still not done by the time HBO finishes adapting the most recent book in the series: 2011’s A Dance with Dragons.


“The season that’s about to debut covers the second half of the third book. The third book [A Storm of Swords] was so long that it had to be split into two. But there are two more books beyond that, A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons. A Dance with Dragons is itself a book that’s as big as A Storm of Swords. So there’s potentially three more seasons there, between Feast and Dance, if they split into two the way they did [with Storms]. Now, Feast and Dance take place simultaneously. So you can’t do Feast and then Dance the way I did. You can combine them and do it chronologically. And it’s my hope that they’ll do it that way and then, long before they catch up with me, I’ll have published The Winds of Winter, which’ll give me another couple years. It might be tight on the last book, A Dream of Spring, as they juggernaut forward.”

Plus, Martin addresses how the public’s perception of science fiction and fantasy as a legitimate literary genre has changed over the decades and whether or not one must be damaged in some way to be an artist. It’s a long interview and very informative if you’re a fan of Martin and his work.

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