Poll: What Do You Prefer To Read?


brooks-highdruidsbladeWe read in the best genre.

If it’s not a fact, well, it should be!

One of the things I love about it is the breadth of creativity that is available to the reader. I can read a space opera. I can read a unicorn tale. I can turn to demons stalking a detective in Chicago if I like. Or I can go big and grab a rat-killer of a book and read a serialized epic fantasy like Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson. And then the very next moment pick up a poignant short, stand-alone novel like The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman. It is a genre filled with magic and wonder in its diversity.

I choose what to read based on mood. Sometimes I feel like a stand alone novel. Or an anthology with quick short stories. At other times, I want a trilogy. When I am feeling really ambitious, I’ll pick up a book set in a series that is planned to span more than three books and usually closer to ten (looking at you, Sanderson).

Each format has its positives and negatives. Reading a short story leaves a reader with a feeling of immediate completion, yet lacks the space needed to fully develop a world. On the other side, a multi-book series takes a lot longer to finish, but when the reader is done they are usually quite knowledgable about that world.

My poll question today centers around these ideas:

Poll: What do you prefer to read right now—short stories, stand-alone novels, trilogies, or long multi-volume series?

I’m not talking about in general. I’m talking about right now, on this very day you are reading this article. For instance, Terry Brooks is known for his trilogy work. But he started out as a stand-alone novel writer and he is returning to that on July 15th with The High Druid’s Blade. It poses an interesting question about expectations and reader desires and the ebb and flow of story formats and what’s popular right now in this very minute.

So what do you prefer to read? Vote and comment below!

Happy Friday!

  • david gross

    I agree with you, but sometimes I have read three to four books at one time. I started reading Mr tolkiens work when I was 10 yrs old, played d &d for years, I have worn out so many books and have rebought them over and over again. Just a thank you for letting me into the world’s you have created.

  • To bad you didn’t have a drop down box for Other. More people would use it to say things like ALL of them for a choice. There are some of us that love reading in all forms period. No special preferences.

  • Michael Davie

    I agree. Depends on my mood, but also depends on not having to wait a year between story lines. LOL

  • Michael Davie

    But as to the question at hand, currently I am reading several stand-alone’s.

  • I voted for short stories, right now I’m enjoying the Paladins of Shannara and hope the collected short stories will be published in a book.

  • AmethysatOrator

    My preference is for the author to work to write the story they want to tell, which will hopefully best play to their strengths. Whether that be one continuing series, a single book, multiple series, or anything else I judge based on how well it all comes together.

    In the abstract I enjoy series of four or more, and there are authors who have that much to say, but the results sometimes fall short and then I do wish they’d been briefer.

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