The Weirdest ‘Star Wars’-Themed Commercial You’ll Ever See


hqdefaultAlright, I’ve seen some odd Star Wars-themed commercials in my time: ‘dis heeah Majic Mahket commoishal, Rockingham County Board of Education candidate Chris Knight’s zero-budget political ad, and that slightly over-acted Star Wars video game commercial. None of these could have prepared me for this epically strange Japanese tuna fish commercial. The ┬ácostumes are just slightly off, there’s dancing, a weird random seventies disco dude is on the scene and Princess Leia… Well… I’m not sure Mama Padme would have approved. The jingle’s kind of catchy, though. And tuna fish? Even the Sith have to have a hankering for tuna now and again. Anyway, check it out, and tell me if you’ve seen anything weirder. Please. Seriously. I want to see it.

  • Courtney M.

    I wish we had the translation for that commercial. This one is odd too; I like the sentiment, but was the lightsaber effect necessary?

  • Matt Staggs

    I’m wondering if that lightsaber was digitally added in later.

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