AGOT’s Red Viper Pedro Pascal: ‘Dorne Is The Punk-Rock Region of Westeros’


We’re moving into the home stretch, A Game of Thrones fans: The season four premiere is set to air Sunday! While I’ve been busy tracking down set locations and guessing what’s going to happen where, the lucky folks at The Rolling Stone are interviewing some of the stars. Writer Sean T. Collins spoke with Pedro Pascal about his role as the Red Viper of Dorne and why Dorne is the “Punk Rock” region of Westeros. Here’s a little snippet of the piece, but you should really go and read the rest of it at the site!

Via Rolling Stone:

I think it’s a great opportunity for them to usher in an element that is very “other,” in terms of what we’re familiar with as an audience. Dorne is the punk-rock region of Westeros. We follow the beat of a totally different drum. A woman’s position in Dorne has far more power. They’re much more highly regarded. Even if it’s still shaped by the old conventions that shaped King’s Landing, Oberyn Martell in particular isn’t going to play by any of those rules. He does represent, with his partner Ellaria Sand, a culture that completely clashes with the world that he’s forcibly wedging himself into. And he uses that as a source of power, making anyone whose collar is buttoned all the way up a little uncomfortable. He’s gonna sit the way he wants to sit. If he has the impulse to kiss Ellaria, a beautiful bastard, at a royal wedding in front of those who are throwing it, he’s gonna do it — again, not just to prove a point, but because there’s more of a freeness there.


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