Cage Match 2014: Final Round: Leia Organa vs Leia Organa


The Contestants



Leia Organa: Page
The Star Wars Expanded Universe
Age: 60
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Lightsaber, blaster, the Force, sarcasm
The dreaded Cuts Like a Knife, where she skewers your body with a lightsaber while skewering your sould with a withering retort

Leia Organa: Screen
Star Wars
Age: Unknown
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Blaster
Laser blast

The Breakdown


  • Jedi Knight: Her Force abilities allow her to sense danger, anticipate an opponent’s movements, wield telekinesis, and attack with lightning speed
  • Petite stature often lulls foes into a false sense of security
  • She brandishes a lightsaber with deadly accuracy
  • Her extremely light tread allows her to sneak up on her opponents. She could theoretically ambush and subdue Munchausen before he ever even heard her over the sound of his own voice
  • Her sharp, analytical mind is superior to most

  • Spunky
  • Battle-hardened
  • Intellect

  • Short temper

  • May be too merciful


  • Yvaine
    What do stars do? They die.
  • Robert Neville
    To become legend, you have to die first.
  • Arya Stark
    Stuck with the pointy end.
  • Eowyn
    No living man is she. No living woman neither, for that matter.

How we think the fight will go

A round, shadowy chamber. Nondescript and dimly lit but with unmistakeably Star Wars-y decor. It is presently occupied by two hooded figures, one on either side, facing each other. The first throws off her hood to reveal: slim, dark-haired, bright-eyed Leia Organa. The second slowly lowers her own hood. She is … also Leia?

Both Leias simultaneously: Wait. What?

Screen Leia: What’s going on here? If this is your foul trickery, Lord Vader …

Book Leia (she is considerably older than screen Leia, by 20 years or so, and possessed of more gravitas, though her beauty is undimmed): Hmmmm. I’m not getting any of the usual Vader-stench. Strange. This is no trick: it appears that we are both Princess Leia. Though I believe I must be from your future, as you are from my past. How can this be?

Screen Leia: I don’t get it either. Time travel is way more of a Star Trek thing. We don’t mess around with that stuff in Star Wars.

Book Leia: Though there are precedents. There was this one comic book from the 1990’s, Star Wars Galaxy 2, where …

Screen Leia: Yeah, yeah, I can read Wookieepedia too. Look, I’m representing the movies here, I don’t hold with any of that Expanded Universe continuity. Maybe it’s like that cave on Dagobah where Luke had to fight Vader, but it wasn’t really Vader, because then his mask fell off and it was Luke’s face … you see where I’m going with this. It could be one of those Jedi worthiness tests.

Book Leia: Well, if we are to be tested, I am ready.

Book Leia adopts a combat stance and boots up her lightsaber, a blue one, with the usual awesome sound effect. Screen Leia squares off as well, but then she stops.

Screen Leia: Oh my God, we get a lightsaber?

Book Leia: Pretty sweet, huh? Built it myself.

Screen Leia: Whoa. Hang on. Time out. I mean, I get some sweet blaster action in the movies, but I never get anywhere near my own lightsaber.

Book Leia: I know. Look, don’t tell anybody, because you’re not really supposed to know yet—or at any rate not till the way end of Return of the Jedi—but we actually have bigtime Force powers. Major league. I’m totally a Jedi Knight. Oh, also: don’t snog Luke, he’s your brother.

Screen Leia struggles to take all this in.

Screen Leia: OK. OK. Feeling just a little cheated here.

Book Leia: Yup. Force Push, Telekinesis, Telepathy – I’ve got pretty much the full suite of powers. Check it out — Jedi Mind Trick! Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself …

Screen Leia is hitting herself. With an effort she breaks free of Book Leia’s control.

Screen Leia: I don’t care if you’re me, you are so dead.

She produces a blaster from under her robes, but before she can even get a shot off Book Leia has Force-Punted it across the room.

Screen Leia: Dammit.

Book Leia now violently Force-Pushes Screen Leia back against the wall, pinning her there.

Book Leia [sarcastically]: What’s that? Oh no, you’re on a diplomatic mission? Really?!? I better not do this then…

She winds up for the coup de grace, a bigtime Saber Throw…

Screen Leia: OK, OK! Fine! I yield! Expanded Universe me is more badass! Whatever! [mutters] Laser brain.

Book Leia relents. She powers down. It’s not like she was going to do it anyway. What, you really thought Leia was going to kill her younger, non-expanded universe self? Like that would happen. Also it would totally bork the timeline.

Book Leia: I’m glad that’s settled. But we still have to find a way out of this arena-room thing. I’m pretty sure this scene was supposed to end with one of our deaths, so we’re going to have figure out some other way to satisfy the fans.

Screen Leia: There’s probably a large demographic out there who would be satisfied if just we made out.

Book Leia: I think death might actually be preferable.

Screen Leia: Agreed.

They think.

Screen Leia: Look, can’t you just use your shmancy Force powers on them?

Book Leia: Oh, totally. I should have thought of that. [She waves her hand in our direction] You just saw me kick Screen Leia’s ass. She died. The end. Wrap it up.

I, the author, fall under her spell and am satisfied. I prepare to wrap this up.

Screen Leia: Thanks. I guess in theory after the movies end I become you, so it’s good to know I’ve got something to look forward to.

Book Leia: You definitely do. And there’s a lot you don’t know even about your own past. Like in between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, while Han was frozen in carbonite, I totally made out with a Mandalorian.

Screen Leia: Oh my God. You slut.

Book Leia: It was for tactical purposes. Mostly.

Screen Leia: Whatever. Now teach me some Force powers.

Book Leia: With pleasure.

Predicted Winner: Leia Organa

NOTE: THIS MATCH ENDS ON Tuesday, April 22, 2014, AT 12:00 PM, EST

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  • Archon


  • JOE

    Screen Leia, because, as the write-up points out, If Page Leia kills Screen Leia, then she can’t ever become Page Leia because she’s dead. So she effectively can’t win. Right?

  • Archon

    A note for next year’s cage match… nearly all brackets contain the scores of the completed contests… you guys should start doing that next year…

  • Jermell

    Perhaps next year power levels will be more evenly matched? Like Page Leia didn’t have any competition at all. I can’t think of anyone in this match that could come close to killing a decent jedi. Maybe if they all dogpiled her at once but definitely not 1 v 1.

  • Archon

    Actually, there’s a huge power discrepancy pretty much every season… and trust me, many times, the clearly more powerful characters don’t win… Leia just happened to have the same advantages as Rand did in the first season… Not only is she very powerful, but she has a huge fan base too…

  • Rose

    That was fun. 😀

  • Timeheart

    That’s why some people love the books just as much as the Movies. They have a great deal more content and Fill in so much more to them. Oh, and Leia is also the mother of 3 Jedi Kids as well that really are strong.

  • Sam

    There’s a really clear bias here. Like, ouch… Journalism, man. What a crash of a way to make this article, you could’ve fought for the book ‘version’ without this obvious lean. You covered 75% of the Star Wars canon in reference, and against, about 5% of it.

    Anybody who reads this that is a real Star Wars fan has already been disgusted by the first frame. 🙁

    Great potential for this article, but there was a ton to be desired in his presentation. I would gladly share qualms and offer editorial advice, as well as praise, for the existing observations to Mr. Grossman. I absolutely doubt, as a college student, I’m as well versed as he is, but this joint needs a bit of a review. Much love, suvudu.

  • Archon

    Yeah, I’m not sure how anyone would honestly go about writing up a reasonable matchup between these two when the disparity is obviously so huge…

    That being said, I think this year’s cage match was a pretty neat idea, but the field was probably too small when you were already going to essentially cut it in half with multiple versions of the same characters.

    All in all, though, I don’t think anyone can really legitimately argue against the outcome of this years match, and that’s something 😉

  • This match is null and void since the Leia from the novels does not exist anymore. If all of her adventures in the EU were “legends” and not part of any continuity, then her powers are not known and she could do anything you want. “Don’t forget that fan-fiction piece where Leia picked up a Star Destroyer!” Oh wait, that was, nevermind…

  • Archon

    The match finished before the announcement about EU was made… since EU was still legit at the time the finals were completed, then the results are still legit… just like any other sport where they change the rules periodically, but they don’t void any championships that were won before that rule change.

    On a different note… since the tourney’s been over for a while and nothing has been mentioned, I assume we’re just waiving the tournament wrap-up this year?

  • Archon

    Do I smell the cage-match concept machine firing up for 2015?

  • Archon

    Got to be close now…

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