Check Out This Fan’s Unbelievable ‘Star Wars’ Collectible Photos!


IMG_9014Way back in the ancient days when sabertooth jam boxes roamed the earth and the mighty Cave VCRs demanded sacrifices of VHS tapes from primitive suburban cave men, I wanted a video camera more than anything else on earth. I begged and begged for one, and God love ’em, one Christmas my parents jacked up the Sears credit card to the limit and bought one. It was unbelievably huge, and entirely primitive. I wasn’t allowed to take it outside, so I contented myself with what projects I could muster within our wood paneled and shag-carpeted den. Naturally, I filmed my Star Wars figures.

Photography and action figures go well together, and with even the most modest of smart phones containing built-in cameras that would have boggled the mind only a decade ago and a plethora of easy to use photo apps, you can create some pretty awesome images with a little patience. Of course, some of us go a lot further, like Star Wars fan Enrico Mulyadi.

Mulyadi uses a DSLR camera, a green screen, desk lamp, and the photo editing program Photoshop to light, shoot and frame his Sideshow Collectible figurines in a variety of amazing settings from the saga. He then shares them with his fellow fans on Instagram.

Mulyadi loves the Imperials, but he doesn’t just shoot pictures of those guys. He has also done some great shots of Luke Skywalker, Clone Troopers, Boba Fett, Battle Droids, and other characters.

Sideshow has a gallery up of his photos right now, and you should really go check them out. After you finish, be sure to follow Mulyadi on Instagram. His handle is “mandalorianhunter”.