Embark on ‘Game of Thrones’ Cruise


For me, one of the most memorable parts of reading George R.R. Martin’s A Dance with Dragons was Tyrion’s trip down the Rhoyne river. It was so vivid that I could almost feel the boat rocking beneath my feet, smell the stench of its water, and see the overgrown ruins along its banks. At the time, I wished that I could join him for a while.

Reading A Dance With Dragons is as close to a boat trip with Tyrion we’ll ever have, but Crystal Cruises is offering something that might be just as good: Special Game of Thrones shore excursion on sailings to Northern Ireland, where a lot of the show is filmed.

During the excursion, participant will visit production locations near Belfast, where they will see how the show’s producers transformed historic towers and castles into the fortresses of Westeros. They’ll also get to see costumes from the show and try their hand at archery. Then the excursion will continue at  Strangfourd Lough to tour the Castle Ward estate where season one and two’s scenes of Winterfell, the Lannister encampment, Robb Stark’s campgrounds were filmed.

“Both show fans, and those who’ve never seen an episode, can immerse themselves in a fascinating, fantasy world, while connecting with the beautiful history and countryside of Northern Ireland in a very unique way,” said John Stoll, vice president of land programs for Crystal Cruises in a press release issued today.

Sounds fun? The first tour launches in late August.

Sure, it’s not a trip down the Rhoyne, but at least you won’t have to worry about giant turtles! (And you’ve still got your nose. I hope!)

Learn more about the cruise here.