Altered Perceptions


speakman-darkthornYou all know the story of Unfettered by now.

If not, it is an anthology I edited, featuring short stories by some of the best writers working in our field today. It came into being because I didn’t have a choice. In 2011, I was diagnosed with cancer, I didn’t have health insurance due to a pre-existing condition, and I quickly accrued a massive medical debt. My writer friends came to my aid, donating short stories. You can read more about that HERE.

Due to the generosity the writers and readers showed me, I now owe a very different kind of debt. One of conscience. Of gratitude. And love for those who help enrich our lives through their creative talents. I will be paying forward that debt in Unfettered II, an August 2015 anthology featuring an even stronger writer line-up than the first book where all proceeds will go to eliminate medical debt in our genre’s community.

August 2015 is a long time away though. And that debt is not waiting. Enter author Robinson Wells and Altered Perceptions.

Altered Perceptions has the same goal as Unfettered: To eliminate medical debt accrued by an author. This time it is for Robinson Wells, crippled by debt caused by his mental illnesses. Like me, he couldn’t get health insurance before the Affordable Care Act. What will undoubtedly interest most readers—apart from helping this talented writer—is Brandon Sanderson’s contribution. He is donating five completely rewritten chapters from his New York Times bestselling novel, The Way of Kings, where Kaladin makes the opposite choice of what he makes in the published novel.

Click HERE to read about the crowd funding project and the author line-up, as well as what writers are donating. The theme of the anthology? Those scenes and chapters that were edited out and changed drastically when compared to their final publication. The title, Altered Perceptions, has a wonderful double meaning, it seems.

As for me, I too am contributing a cut scene from my debut novel, The Dark Thorn. It is a chapter from the book’s first draft, when The Dark Thorn was told from a completely different point of view. You can read more about that on my website HERE.

I highly encourage people to click HERE and read more about Altered Perceptions.

All of my best wishes to Robinson Wells!

Let’s end this debt!

speakman-shawnShawn Speakman is the author of The Dark Thorn, an urban/epic fantasy hybrid novel bestselling author Terry Brooks calls, “a fine tale by a talented writer.”

He is also editor and contributor of Unfettered, a fantasy anthology featuring some of the best writers in the genre. When Shawn isn’t lying for a living, he runs The Signed Page and Grim Oak Press.