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brooks-highdruidsbladeThe High Druid’s Blade by Terry Brooks publishes July 8, 2014.

It is the first stand alone Shannara since 1996’s First King of Shannara. Terry has worked almost exclusively in the trilogy format for the Shannara series but now fans will be getting a self-contained story set in the Four Lands this summer. I have read it and it is less epic and a far more personal sort of tale, featuring a Leah rather than an Ohmsford as the lead character.

I decided to check-in with Terry to find out what else is going on in his writing life:

Here we go! Checking in with Terry Brooks:


Shawn Speakman: THE HIGH DRUID’S BLADE is publishing on July 8, 2014! It is a Shannara novel but it is a departure for you of sorts as well. Can you talk about why it is?

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Terry Brooks: HIGH DRUID’S BLADE is the first of three books that are loosely connected by two or three characters and subject matter, but not so much by time. The stories in each wrap up at the end of the book, and what remains is the question of how the lives of these characters will turn out by the end of the third book. Also, it is less epic than some of the others and more personal. The main characters are a sorcerer with big plans for his ascention to the Druid Order and a young Highlander from the Leah family who is invited to audition for the position indicated in the title.

Shawn Speakman: Even though you have been writer for fifty years now, I have often heard you say that you learn something new with every book you write. You just finished a new book that is unrelated to anything you have written before. What did you learn during its writing?

Terry Brooks: Mostly, that I haven’t learned everything about being a writer. It is a book I feel strongly about, but it is also different than anything I have written before and the task of making it work the way I want to is testing me in many ways. But I do intend to finish it and to eventually publish it.

Shawn Speakman: You are notorious for being ahead of your publishing schedule. THE HIGH DRUID’S BLADE is already finished, as is its sequel, THE DARKLING CHILD. What are you working on at the moment?

Terry Brooks: I am not ‘notorious.’ I am ‘celebrated.’ Still need to work with you on your use of language. Anyway, I am working on several projects, one of which is the third book in the above-referenced series. I refuse to talk about the others on the grounds that authors don’t do stuff like that if they have any brains.

Well, I think that is smart advice. Pretty awesome that Terry is writing outside of his three main series and writing new stories. Can’t wait to read them! And with The High Druid’s Blade publishing on July 8th, we have a new Shannara novel coming!

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