Check Out The Official ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Trailer!


Disney just released the first official trailer for the upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels and I’m pretty excited by what I’ve seen. The Stormtroopers look fantastic! Between ongoing deadlines, housework, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training I don’t get to watch much TV and I’ve got so much stuff on my DVR already (Hannibal, Helix, A Game of Thrones, and a bunch more…) that I honestly don’t know when or if I’ll ever get through all of it, but maybe – just maybe – I can make a little time for Star Wars Rebels.

This is the very first addition to the official new canon, and I’m curious to see what’s going to be unveiled here. Will we see any of the events of Rebels referred to in Episodes VII? How much new insight will Rebels bring to Episodes I-VI? It think it’s an exciting time to be a Star Wars fan, personally! Let’s not forget that we’ve got Star Wars: A New Dawn to look forward to in September. (Gah, September? I’ve never wanted summer to end early before…) I loved John Jackson Miller’s Kenobi, so I’m really stoked to see him writing the first new Star Wars book.