Chicago and San Franciso In Rivalry To Become Home of Future George Lucas Museum


The Associated Press reports that San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee has given orders to his staff to create a list of suitable locations for a museum dedicated to the works of Star Wars director George Lucas. The proposed Lucas Cultural Arts Museum will house the director’s personal collection of art and artifacts from his filmmaking career.

Lucas had initially proposed that the center be built on park land at the base of the Golden Gate bridge but that was not accepted by the city. Now Lee and his staff are scrambling for alternatives to present to Lucas. Meanwhile, Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel is working on his own list in hopes of wooing Lucas into building the museum there.

Lucas is contributing $300 million to the construction of the museum, which will then receive a $400 million endowment upon his death, but the museum would bring in millions more in tourist dollars to any city lucky enough to get it.

What do you think, readers? San Francisco or Chicago?