First Photo: Bat-Fleck!



As I’ve said before, I am a big fan of Batman. I think Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale did about as good a job with their trilogy as anyone could, weaving certain individual Bat stories into three movies I watch over and over again.

But when The Dark Knight Rises ended and the credits began to roll, I became quite sad. Where would the character go? Who would direct? Who would act? What stories would Warner Bros. pull from? We actually received an answer of sorts more quickly than I could have imagined—Batman and Superman would share the screen.

This is one of the geek dreams made in heaven. Superman. Batman. On screen. For the first time. I truly hoped that money would bring Christian Bale back into the role. And while I have my misgivings about Man of Steel, it was still a vast improvement over Superman Returns in almost every way. I had hope.

Then Ben Affleck was cast as Batman. My hope wilted. I think Affleck is a terrific director but he’s not the most dynamic actor we have seen and that’s putting it lightly. After thinking about it for a while, I came to the conclusion that Affleck could very easily play the role of Batman—but his Bruce Wayne is lost. I just don’t see that permanent smugness Affleck possesses working for Wayne.

Well, today we have received our first look of Bat-Fleck. Director Zack Snyder tweeted the photo, sharing it with the world. The suit is definitely different. Far more Frank Miller in design—shorter ears, bat-emblem large and almost lost in the black suit. I like the look and the image is definitely dark and gritty, a direct contrast to Superman.

Will this work? Can Zack Snyder actually direct a complete movie for the first time in his career? I hope he does it with Man of Steel II. I have been waiting a long time for this movie match-up and for Justice League to work, Bat-Fleck has to work.

thumb-batfleckWhat do you think of the image? And the movie in general?