Get The Devastator’s Hilarious ‘Fantasy’ Issue And More In A Name-Your-Price Bundle


Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 1.20.14 AMSometimes – even a lot of times – you can tell that something’s really taken off by how much it is being made fun of and by whom: When the writers at South Park or Real Time With Bill Maher decide you’re important enough to make the butt of a joke then you have truly arrived. Either that, or you’ve screwed up big time and had better leave town. Well, get ready to add another name to the list of notable pop culture headhunters: Los Angeles, California’s The Devastator.

The mewling, multi-headed brainchild of comedy writers Geoffrey Golden and Amanda Meadows, The Devastator is a quarterly humor and comics magazine featuring the talents of a revolving cast of writers and artists drawn from The Onion, The Daily Show, Marvel Comics, and other sources. Each issue of The Devastator tackles a single theme, deconstructing it with a hip but undeniably warped sensibility that falls somewhere between the broad satire of National Lampoon or Mad magazine and the bitter humor of indie comic great Peter Bagge.

Clearly, The Devastator staff has a few twenty-sided dice and a couple of musty stacks of old comic books in their closets, because issue #5, “Fantasy”, shows they knows their nerd stuff as well as they do humor, and have no problems mixing the two up for laughs.

The “Fantasy” issue opens with a map of  a fantasy author’s apartment with notable locations like an entertainment center labeled “The Nexus of Procrastination” and a bathroom floor noted as “The Mold Forest”, before moving into a comic strip parody of David Petersen’s Mouse Guard with repulsive armored rats standing in for the fuzzy heroes of Petersen’s tale. George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones is rewritten to include cell phones in A Game of Phones:

“Siri, where can I get better reception,” John growled into his iPhone.

“Let me think about that…” Siri responded, before chiding, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

The cell phone coverage map of Westeros was a particularly nice touch, I thought.

Then it’s on to a Comedy Central live roast of Conan the Barbarian movie villain Thulsa Doom featuring host Jeffrey Ross and comedian Katt Williams (“Thulsa Doom, nice bangs. You look like Betty Page [censored] a komodo dragon.”), a particularly itchy mystery for Harry Potter, and a Mad Libs-style “Fill-In Fantasy” form for writing the plot of a new installment of the Final Fantasy series, tips for the safe disposal of a pesky Ring of Power, and a lot more hilarious stuff before closing with a fully-playable (and fully cringe-inducing) Dungeons & Dragons parody. Apparently The Devastator team will be running the game at San Diego Comic Con.)

If this sounds like your kind of fun, then you can get it and a bunch of other Devastator books (including the equally hilarious “Apocalypse” issue) in a “name your price” download bundle (min. $3.00 for a ton of books) HERE.