Looking Through the Palantir: May 16th



Welcome to Looking Through the Palantir, a weekly recap where I bring you the latest news, features, releases and more from the realm of science fiction/fantasy. So cozy on up to your favorite seeing-stone and check out this week’s divinations.

Sorry that It’s been a minute since our last installment. Nothing important has happened in the last month or so in the world of science fiction/fantasy right? Just kidding. Lucasfilm and Disney announced their publishing plans for Star Wars which included Del Rey announcing four new novels set in the “new continuity” that aligns all Star Wars media going forward.

Let’s put aside any issues of canon, and focus on the most important aspect of the announcement. There are MORE Star Wars books coming, which is awesome, and one of them – Kevin Hearne’s Heir to the Jedi – is going to be written in first person, only the second Star Wars book ever written in such a way. The first? Michael Stackpole’s brilliant I,Jedi.

To recap: Star Wars is awesome. MORE Star Wars is awesome-r. Yay Star Wars.

Some sad news to report, as it appears that H.R. Giger, the fabled Swiss artist who was best known for designing the creature in Ridley Scott’s Alien has passed away at 74 years old. For all the books and movies that portrayed extraterrestrials as little green men, or some vaguely other world version of humans, Giger completely broke the mold when he designed the xenomorph. In doing so, he created one of the most enduring creatures in cinematic history, and influenced generations of storytellers.

Bit of a quiet week, but check out this very cool project called 30 Second Sci Fi. Each day, the site’s owner posts a new short sci-fi story. The rules state that it can’t be more than 250 words and that each day’s story must be complete. The project is supposed to last for the entire year. There are some pretty great shorts up there now, and quite a few that I’d be interested to see get some expansion.

No new releases to discuss this week; but there’s plenty coming soon so stay tuned. That’s all for this week, have rush home and put in the storm windows before Godzilla shows up. Those will help,right?

Tom Hoeler is a freelance writer and editor who spends his time collecting stories,felling dragons, scrambling over the rooftops of Gotham, and cooking up delicious food. He serves as the eternal intern and apprentice to the Del Rey and Star Wars Books team under the guise of Darth Internous.