Lando’s Back, Baby: Billy Dee Williams To Reprise Role in ‘Star Wars Rebels’


Great news for fans of gentleman rogue Lando Calrissian: The administrator of Cloud City is due to return in Star Wars Rebels! Billy Dee Williams has confirmed that he’ll be voicing the character in the series, which is set to debut this fall on Disney and Disney XD.

The series is set five years before the battle of Yavin, a time when Empire is firming up its control of the galaxy and the Alliance to Restore the Republic is starting to form. The main characters are a bunch of rag-tag irregulars striking out against the force of the Empire wherever they can.

The extent of his involvement with Star Wars Rebels isn’t known at this time, but it’s great to see Lando back. I’m still kind of hoping that they’ll at least fit him in for a cameo in Episode VII!