Poll: When Did You Start Reading George R. R. Martin?


Hollywood possesses great power.

For authors, Hollywood is a Holy Grail. Hard to attain and almost mythical. But there have been a number of writers who have had their work adapted to the big screen or television and those authors have had incredible financial fortune. It is a fact that, no matter how awful an adaptation, book sales vault to bestsellerdom when the Hollywood publicity vehicle ramps up to promote the movie or television series.

Why does this happen? As I said, it is part Hollywood’s doing before a movie or series opens. But it is largely due to movie goers and TV watchers becoming intrigued by the show—and wanting to read the source material or read ahead.

I began reading A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin after he stopped by to sign copies of A Feast For Crows in 2005. I was late to the readership, which even then was already growing. When George signed his deal allowing HBO to adapt A Song of Ice & Fire, I bet even he had no idea how large it would become and how many readers he would have worldwide.

That means George’s readership is quite diverse—some people read George before he published A Game of Thrones, some began reading him after that book but before the HBO deal, and yet others began reading him after HBO began their adaptation.

The poll question for today is:

When Did You Start Reading George R. R. Martin?

If you’ve read George’s work, where did you first start?

So vote! And then comment!

  • Sam Kelly

    I started reading G. R Martin in 2006 and have read Game of Thrones up the end of the books published so far, twice, while waiting for the next book. Very disappointed that the rest of the series is now in limbo until the TV series is over from the looks of it. He ahs also changed the story and left some characters out of the TV series entirely, how is he going to reconcile this with what he has already written? Will the remaining books ever be published and will he continue the books with the characters as before?

  • Dave

    He’s not in charge of writing for the TV show. IIRC he gets to consult and perhaps gets one episode to do however he wants, but that’s about it. AFAIK the books aren’t on hold because of the show, they’re on hold because it takes him a long damned time to write them, especially when he has other interests and is writing other books.

    The books will remain consistent amongst themselves, regardless of what HBO does with the TV show.

  • I started in the 80’s with the book Tuf Voyaging. I remember being disappointed because he went so many years without a book. (I didn’t know he was in TV/Movies at the time. You know…no net.) When I saw Game of Thrones at Walmart, I picked it up just because it was written by him.

  • I’ve started in the 1999, the year of the first italian’s edition of Game of Thrones. After I’ve read all the italian’s translations of Martin’s books, and even some short stories in english.

  • Mark

    I started the year GoT was first published back in the UK 1996/7,and reread the series countless times, far too many.

  • Kronomex

    I started reading Martin’s works back in the mid-late 70’s and one of these days I’ll read his Song of Ice and Fire series. I’m not a fan of fantasy so it will probably be a long time.

  • Craig stiles

    Wildcards. Long live the greatvand powerful turtle

  • Katinas

    I started with Martin in about 2000, when Games of Thrones, Clash of Kings and Storm of Swords could be read right after another. My favorite authors were dying. If I had only known about the many years I would have to wait in between the rest of the books. I don’t mind waiting a bit but when it is so long in between I need to re-read to catch up again. Too many interesting books, too little time!

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