Tour Details: SHATTERED by Kevin Hearne


hearne-shatteredShattered by Kevin Hearne publishes next week on June 17th!

Atticus is back! And so is Oberon. What better way than to celebrate with a spiffy hardcover that will make other hardcovers jealous!? If you haven’t read Hounded and sequels, you are missing out on some of the best and most fun reading you are ever going to find.

And not only a new book release but Kevin is touring!


  • June 17, 7:00: The Poisoned Pen – SCOTTSDALE, AZ
  • June 18, 6:30: Murder By the Book – HOUSTON, TX
  • June 19, 7:00: Joseph-Beth Booksellers – LEXINGTON, KY
  • June 20, 7:00: Barnes & Noble at HarMar Mall – MINNEAPOLIS, MN (Roseville)
  • June 21, 6:00: University Bookstore – SEATTLE, WA
  • June 22, 4:00: Powell’s Books – PORTLAND, OR (Beaverton)
  • June 23, 7:00: Pandemonium Books & Games – BOSTON, MA (Cambridge)
    They are actually holding this event in the YMCA two doors down from the bookstore.
  • June 24, 7:00: Bakka Phoenix – TORONTO, ONTARIO CANADA
  • June 29, 3:00: Tattered Cover – DENVER, CO (Highlands Ranch).
  • July 24-27: San Diego Comic Con – SAN DIEGO, CA!
  • July 26: Special Ninja Signing – SAN DIEGO, CA
    For people who can’t make it to Comic Con but would like to see Kevin while he’s in town, he has this cool place where you all can meet up! It’s a spiffy bookstore/cafe called Upstart Crow. They make these amazing Mexican mochas. Seriously, you gotta try one. 9 am! YES! Nine in the bloody morning, when it opens! They won’t have any of Kevin’s books for sale there, so you’ll need to bring whatever you want him to sign. Not an official signing, just a chance to get caffeinated together.
  • Labor Day: Dragon*Con – ATLANTA, GA

There you have it! Kevin’s tour events for his new book! Shattered will be in fine bookstores next week on Tuesday! Can’t wait to see people start talking about this.

To learn more about Kevin and his work, visit him at!

Hope to see some pictures of Kevin and fans on the road!

So does Oberon!