Download the DEL REY BANTAM 2014 SAMPLER!


“It’s the dream of finding a doorway to a new and magical world. But readers also know it’s not just a dream—books can be your magic doorway, and this sampler is full of portals to new worlds.”


I can’t put it much better than that!

Del Rey Bantam has released their 2014 FREE SAMPLER. It is filled with some amazing samples, a perfect way to introduce yourself or someone you know to new and exciting worlds in the genres we love!

Seriously, look at this. Haven’t read A Game of Thrones by George. R. R. Martin? Here’s your chance. Or maybe haven’t tried George’s two anthologies, Old Venus and Rogues? They are in the sampler too. Or maybe now you are curious about the forthcoming Outlander TV series and you wan to give Diana Gabaldon’s book a try? It’s here in the sampler.

Or maybe you are a fan of Robin Hobb and want a peek the Farseer book that started it all, Assassin’s Apprentice? Yup. That’s in the sampler.

Then there is the newly released Half a King by Joe Abercrombie and Red Rising by Pierce Brown, two of my favorite books this year. Excerpts in the sampler.

Want to try the magic of the new Shannara book by Terry Brooks? A section from The High Druid’s Blade!

Can’t wait for Naomi Novik’s next book, Uprooted? Sample included!

A Star Wars fan maybe? Kevin Hearne’s forthcoming Heir to the Jedi has an excerpt here too! As do authors James Luceno (Tarkin), John Jackson Miller (A New Dawn), and Paul Kemp (Lords of the Sith). May the Force be with you!

And many more! There are 35 excerpts in all! How awesome is that?!

There’s really no good reason not to check out this free sampler. Ranging from space opera and high fantasy to alternate history and twisted fairy tales, this one-of-a-kind sampler can be yours free! Did I mention FREE?

Click HERE to download the book from Random House! Free, free, free. I’ll keep saying it over and over again. And it’s not only the free aspect of this sampler. It is literally filled with some of the best fiction that Del Rey Bantam have published!

So download it now. No, don’t go do work. Or shower. Or whatever it is you were just going to do. Download the 2014 FREE SAMPLER now!

Because sometimes, entering a portal to a new world…

…can be just a click away!